Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mom's New Trick

Today it was soooo hot. I do not have fur to help regulate my temperature so I told mommy I wanted to stay inside most of the day. She must have gotten bored because she did the cutest thing; she started playing with a whistle. I was very interested in this whistle because it had such a neat high pitch. My ears perked up, my nose started to crinkle and my backside got the wiggles. I decided I would use this whistle to teach mom a trick. It took a while for her to figure it out and I almost lost my patience a few times but eventually she learned that when I stand on the kitchen mat she is suppose to blow her whistle and give me a yummy treat. I hope she doesn’t forget this because sometimes she seems to have a short attention span. I am proud of my mommy for learning this trick. Stand on the mat, she whistles, then gives me a goodie. Yeah mom! Tomorrow I will attempt to get her to give me more treats and I'll do something cute. :)

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