Sunday, June 19, 2011

All Dressed Up for Nothin!

Yesterday mommy and the teen girl that lives here gave me a delightful bath, repainted my nails in a very festive bright pink, rubbed lotion all over me and then helped me get dressed in a lovely lime green frock that I recently purchased. Basically, I was more adorable than ever.  Mommy and daddy put up decorations all over the house and yard. Mommy prepared lots of yummy food that made my nose wiggle and my tail wave. In the afternoon lots of people started coming in the house and of course I barked as loud as I could but Spike was louder because his voice is sooo deep.  Lots of nice people petted me and complimented me. A few people even fed me snackies! I saw the humans putting big presents on a table and I was so excited because I kept dreaming about all the cute outfits that must have been in them!  Maybe I would even get some jewelry.  I waited as patiently as I could but finally it was time to open the gifts.  To my horror they handed ALL of them to the teenage boy who lives here!  They said “Happy Graduation to him and he tore open every last one. I didn’t get a thing. I started to whimper and daddy picked me up and told me this was not my party. I am still so confused. How could this be?  If any of you ever have been through this or understand what happened, please let me know. I think I need a long day of sulking around with big sad eyes to truly convey my disgust at this travesty.


  1. maybe because he graduated something, i went to a party once and got upset cuz my friend got the bone i wanted but i got over it and she shared her bone wit me so good luck

  2. above sincerely precious p.


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