Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adventures in Michigan

Yip Yap Friends!
Well I finally made it to my Grandmas house in Michigan. Have you ever been to Michigan?  It is far far away from where I live but it is sooo nice!  The grass is very green and soft on my little paws. Back home it has been so hot that I hardly can stand to play outside but in Michigan the weather is lovely. Perfect for sniffing along a bunny trail or strolling through the garden.  I am enjoying visiting with my aunts - three beagles named Mousey, Squeeky, and Delilah.  They have shown me all of the best places to find animal tracks and were even kind enough to let me roll around in their smelly dead mouse carcass!  I have been eating a few new things on my vacation like fish guts and boysenberries. Mmmm quite a combination of flavors!  There are a plethora of new things to see here as well.  Various flowers, a serene lake, cows (which are big doggy looking things that make an odd "oooo" bark.  Mom said they are different than dogs but to me they look the same just like giant doggies.  I love all of the scents, sounds and flavors of Michigan so far but the fresh air is making me sleepy so I think I will go find a nice shade spot under a tree and take a nap.
Bark at you soon!

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