Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Welp I guess I have something called a Watermelonoma.
It's not all fun and games being a naked wiener dog. Oh sure I have a fabulous wardrobe, I get massages and skin treatments but sometimes there are downsides too.
I can get infections sometimes and yesterday I had to go to the vet to get an infection on my keister checked out.
Talk about embarrassing!!!
Turns out it's not a regular infection but a watermelonoma! 
The vet said this watermelon is growing  on my booty and could get big and dangerous so I'm having Brazilian butt lift and getting it removed!
My mom is jealous! She said if she could have some junk in her trunk removed she would be so happy!
She must be REALLY jealous because she started to cry when the vet told us about it. Mom is weird!